What should I expect to get from a Surveyor?

Your surveyor will actually survey your property according to the legal description furnished him, recovering or setting monuments at all property corners. He will permanently record the process of his survey in his office files. He will draw a plat of survey showing all property lines, bearings or angles, measurements of all property lines, fences in relation to property lines, all encroachments if any, and measurements to section or quarter section corners or subdivision monuments. He will, if instructed, show improvements, and calculate the area. Your surveyor will furnish you with as many copies of his plat as may be required at the time of the survey, all bearing his certificate and seal.

A land survey, made by a North Carolina Licensed Land Surveyor, is admissible, as evidence in a court of law. Your surveyor is available as an expert witness, on behalf of his survey, if his testimony is desired by the court.


The fact that you have your property surveyed does not guarantee your title or boundaries. The surveyor can only survey your land according to your deed and the requirements of statues. If other deeds or senior grants leave overlaps or gaps he cannot by "Judge or Jury" but can only follow the calls of the deed.