Suttles Personnel

Our project managers and the experience of our survey teams are the strength of our qualifications. This team is registered in North Carolina and is capable of performing various types of surveys in other states. This experience and background is briefly listed in the aforementioned projects. In addition to being equipped and experienced in safety and standard regulations/procedures, Suttles Surveying personnel are required to undergo extensive testing and education as follows:

* Random Drug testing - MICCS Certification Program
* Continuing Education for Registration Renewal
* Educational seminars to keep Suttles Surveying upon the new technology and equipment needed to serve our clients in the most accurate and efficient
* All registered employees are members of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors

Mr. Suttles has 51 years of experience in surveying. Over the past thirty one years Mr. Suttles has utilized a vast amount of equipment such as Autocadd, Earthwork, C&G surveying software, Hewlett Packard 86B, Topcon Total Stations, Wild automatic levels, Sokkia Levels, Geodometer Total Stations, and Ashtect Geodetic Grade Receivers. He has been involved in general site layout; plan and profile sheets; drainage calculations; storm water management; water distribution layout; traffic and grading for highway construction; sanitary sewer layout and location; land planning; highway Right-of-Way and entrance design and layout; quantity takeoffs; boundary surveying, rezoning; sales agreement; land development surveys; construction surveys; horizontal and vertical control surveys, topographic surveys ( ground and aerial ), flood line delineation and determination surveys, and legal descriptions. Mr. Suttles responsibilities include land survey management and supervision; project management; job coordination; communications, with other consultants, attorneys, corporate firms, and city, county, state planners and officials in charge of the project. Mr. Suttles also helps in insuring the quality control measures are followed extensively.