Suttles Surveying, P.A of Marion, North Carolina was established in 1983 with a second office in Morganton, North Carolina since 1984. Both offices are recognized for providing a full range of professional surveying services. Suttles Surveying undertakes an ongoing basis of land surveying and mapping in digital and hard copy form, and currently has the capacity available, to deliver digital data in many various formats. Services include the development of digital terrain models, compilation of planimetric and topographic field data for the production of base maps normally used by engineers in the design of almost any structure. A partial list of construction projects includes roadway layout, parking layout, water treatment and distribution systems layout, and surveying of highways, railroads, airports as well as construction staking for almost any facility. Suttles Surveying field and office operations are equipped with state-of-the-art surveying hardware and software. Field data capture is accomplished using Topcon total station theodolites and Corvallis Microtechnology data collectors with C&G surveying software. Control is established using single and dual frequency Trimble geodetic grade GPS ( Global Positions System ) receivers.

Office efficiency is acquired by the use of PC based systems linked by a Windows XT and CentOS Linux Networks. Software consists of Autocadd Land Desktop Development software. Carlson Software, and C&G Surveying software is also utilized for coordination of field crews. Data transfer from office to field crews is accomplished by data collection. Graphic data output is achieved on a Cannon IPF 9000 and Cannon W8400 Plotter with a 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution. Data is stored on Raid Level 10 disk drives and DVD-RW for permanent record.

To support production, Suttles Surveying P.A. has an experienced staff which includes Professional Land Surveyors, some are Licensed in several states, software specialist, CAD technicians and various support staff. Staff members are included in each phase of project from preparation all the way through production, working closely with clients to ensure that each stage of the production process is delivered to specification in a timely and cost efficient manner.

This interactive production process is further strengthened by the application of a comprehensive and rigorous program of quality assurance checks at the beginning and end of each major production phase. This program identifies potential problems at an early stage and enables staff members to institute corrective action with a minimum of time lost. Suttles Surveying is committed to ensuring completion of each project to the highest standards of quality, accuracy and efficiency.

Technical contacts:

J. Douglas Suttles, PLS ( President )