Hardware and Software

All Suttles Surveying survey crews utilize a Topcon Series 300 electronic automatic total station system to perform their daily duties, whether it be boundary surveys , as-built surveys , or some type of construction stake out. The data is captured by a Corvallis Microtechnology data collector (MC-V) or Allegra Data collectors and is all stored directly into the data collector. Through the use of data collectors issues such as transposition of numbers, misread angles or distances and other blunders can be avoided insuring a much higher amount of quality control. At the end of the day all data is brought into the office and downloaded into a PC and later analyzed for computations. C&G software produces an unedited "RAW" file which is actually a raw set of field notes. The raw file is computed yielding coordinates for later use. This state-of-the-art technology allows minimal field and office recording while reducing the risk of accidental errors. All data gathered by survey crews is accomplished by Topcon total stations. After coordinates are computed a detail is produced and later mapped in Autocadd Land Desktop Developement 2007. Microstation files are available upon request. Levels are produced using wild and sokkia automatic levels. All crews use the method of three wire levels to insure the tightest closure possible.

A) Workstations - Personal computers ranging from Dual Core to Quad Core are available for a variety of task. All workstations are networked by TCP/IP Networks and CentOS Linux server software and Gigabit Ethernet cards.

B) Plotters - Two types of plotters are utilized at Suttles Surveying, One is a Cannon IPF 9000 Color Graphics plotter this plotter is is capable of D, E and 60 Wide size drawings. The Encad plotter is capable of plotting 2400 x 2400 dpi and blends 12 different colored Inks. The other plotter a Cannon W8400  having an roll feed plotte capable of producing D & E size drawings.

C) Surveying Software - Three dimensional coordinated data is obtained with C&G surveying software, Carlson Surveying Software, TDS Survey Collection Software and other software packages are Autocadd Land Desktop Developement 207, Adobe, Gimp, Terrain Navigator Pro, MapSend andvarious other support software.